The objective of National Active Championship is to sensitize & motivate children to acquire a physically active and healthy lifestyle through ‘FunSports’ challenge activities designed by leading researchers and fitness experts. Research proves that physically active children also excel in their future careers.

  1. Little Champs (Class 1 - 4)
  2. Rising Stars (Class 5 - 8)
  3. Super Seniors (Class 9 - 12)
  4. Adult Zone (18 Years & above)

Every Month : at least 4 instruction led FunSports challenge
at least 8 Freestyle Challenges(Be Creative)

Watch & Practice the Challenge

Record & Upload your video

Complete Previous Month Challenges to Qualify for Annual Grand Prizes


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Complete All 4 Instruction led Challenge Activities to Get Full Score

Complete All 8 Freestyle Challenge To Receive Bonus Scores

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Students Monthly :

Top 10 Performer In Each Category To Be Rewarded

Adults Monthly :

Top 5 Performer To Be Awarded

School Annually :

Top 11 Schools To Be Awarded

What is National Active Championship (NAC)?

National Active Championship (NAC) is an event of "FunSports" contest and workshops conducted on-ground and online by TopYa's Active Fun Academy. The objective of NAC is to sensitize and motivate our children to become physically active during their free time after school through engaging ‘FunSports’ designed by leading researchers in the field of physical education and fitness so that they acquire a healthy lifestyle for life and also excel in their future careers. NAC INDIA’s BIGGEST ‘FunSports’ inter-school Championship for today’s Generation V students (Video, Venture, Viral) leveraging gamification of sports and technologies.

Why National Active Championship (NAC)?

A school going child spends just about 8 hours in school, including travel to and from home on a normal day in a typical urban town. If we exclude 8 hours of school time and another eight for his sleep and other chores of the day, he is left with 8 hours of free time at home. On Saturdays and Sundays since schools are closed and the kid is home the entire day. What does he do during his free time at home? Most kids spend an hour or two doing homework. The rest of the time they are mostly watching TV or playing video games, doing online streaming or browsing (Screen Time) or simply whiling away time. Kids are thus largely physically inactive while at home. One way to make children physically active is to enroll them in some kind of sports. A majority of today’s youth are already addicted to gadget based video games and don’t easily take to traditional sports such as cricket, football, and badminton etc.

What is the format of National Active Championship (NAC)?

National Active Championship (NAC) is open to all school students across India. The championship is grouped in 3 Categories for School Students (based on Classes):

  • Little Champs (Class 1 - 4)
  • Rising Stars (Class 5 - 8)
  • Super Seniors (Class 9 - 12)
  • Adult Zone (Faculty, Parents & any Adult above 18 years of age)
Each month players will receive “12” video challenges include “4” Instruction based “FunSports” challenges and “8” Freestyle challenges video, for which students receive bonus scores depending upon the creativity, difficulty level and performance of the players in the Freestyle challenge video. All categories have monthly prizes followed by Grand Finale Rewards to Best Active Students. Prizes include Certificates, Laptops, Bluetooth Speakers, Sports Goodies, Gift Coupons and Celebrities signed memorabilia.

Can Players Outside India Participate in National Active Championship (NAC)?

Players across the world can participate and have Fun playing NAC Challenges & Contests. Currently, only Indian players are eligible to win any Cash/Non-Cash award in their respective categories.

What are “FunSports”?

“FunSports” are scientifically designed physical activities developed after extensive research by American Universities and Physical Education experts. They are fun and engaging but also deceptive and proven to induce a higher level of physical activity among children. “FunSports” is a fun way of motivating and inspiring children to get physically active and thereby adopt a healthy lifestyle. Sustained “FunSports” among children would train them to acquire physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally balanced overall personalities as they grow and excel in their future careers.

How are “FunSports” beneficial?

A child who becomes physically active under the aegis of “FunSports”, learns to focus, persevere and self-challenge. This has a salutary effect on the child’s general performance and overall personality, leading to physical fitness, academic focus and emotional balance. Accordingly, NAC helps to transform an inactive lifestyle into a physically active one, resulting in healthier and happier future generations that are confident, intellectually strong and professionally successful.

What is Freestyle & what are Freestyle Challenges?

Any sports activity or dance performed in unrestricted style with performer's own creativity & skills is known as Freestyle. NAC allows users to show their talent by uploading any random fun physical activity every month. These activities are called Freestyle Challenge videos and players get a chance to get creative with their performance and get bonus scores depending upon the difficulty level of the freestyle and creativity.

What is a “FunSports” Challenge video?

A “FunSports” challenge video is a fun filled unassuming physical activity assigned to the student by NAC. It could be any physical game/exercise, martial art technique, ball handling, and juggling from any ball sport, yoga lesson, callisthenic body movement etc. Such physical activities tend to become a great family fun moment as well. Parents, children, and siblings start competing with each other while having fun. Example Activities: to juggle two tennis balls by one hand non-stop for a minute or to kick a ball from 10 feet away in a bucket three times in a row. These activities work in a deceptive manner. While they look short and easy to perform, students spend an average of 6-7 hours on learning and performing a new skill. Most skills lesson do not require going outdoor to practice. A majority of them can be practiced indoors only. This makes it easier for the student to adopt more physical activities even while staying indoors.

How much cash can I earn during the Offer Period (4-8 Dec 2019)?

One user can earn a Maximum Cash of Rs 1000 during the Offer Period (4-8 Dec 2019).

Who will review all the challenge video activities performed by students?

All the skills and activities uploaded by the students are seen and verified by an expert virtual coach who provides constructive feedback to the student on how to progress further. Young children are not specialist, they are all-rounders. They are curious about the diversity life has to offer and need a broad base of experiences for a holistic development. It is the role of a coach/teacher/parent to guide them through the proper steps that help and influence the course of their children’s development. An expert virtual coach, who is well versed with what is correct for the proper development of a child, is a necessary component of his growth.

How Student Participate in National Active Championship (NAC) ?

  • Visit – https://nacfun.com/
  • Register and create a username for player account
  • Watch Challenge video
  • Practice and record your response video
  • Upload your response video via-
  • - NAC Portal
  • - WhatsApp at 9958817229
  • - TopYa! Active App
  • - E-mail at nac@topya.in
  • NAC Coach will review your uploaded response video and assign scores

Where do student receive the “FunSports” Challenge video?

Student receive FunSports Activities video as Homework in NAC’s TopYa! web portal - nacfun.com which is accessible on any internet enabled device such as tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop.

What is NAC School Rank and how is it calculated?

NAC School Rank is the order of School's performance in National Active Championship across India. It is calculated as per the total scoring of all players participating in NAC from that school.

How can I improve my School Rank?

To improve your School Ranking, more students from your School should actively participate in NAC and score more points.

What is TopYa?

TopYa (Talent Optimization Platform for Youth to Adult) is a two-way interactive video based mobile app that motivates and inspires students to new levels of skill and creativity. TopYa! recently conducted the virtual contest to engage and build the excitement for Mission XI Million /FIFA World Cup U-17 program involving 15,000+ schools and 11 Million+ Students across India. TopYa is currently organizing India’s biggest ‘FunSports’ championship - National Active Championship. The objective of National Active Championship is to sensitize and motivate our children to become physically active during their free time after school through engaging ‘FunSports’ activities designed by leading researchers in the field of physical education and fitness so that they acquire a healthy lifestyle for life and also excel in their future careers.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Anyone can participate in the championship.
  2. To qualify for prizes as a winner one must :-
    • Resident of India
    • Should have completed his/her NAC profile with complete address and profile picture
    • Complete all challenges given in the month
  3. Must register in the contest through the Player Registration Form
  4. Face of the participant must be visible in videos submitted by the participant for identification. Videos submitted by another person on behalf of the participant will not be accepted.
  5. Only one video response per challenge per participant will be counted.
  6. Best user video entries can be used on TopYa! collaterals for Social Media promotions
  7. Scores will be considered only for Challenge Activities under "My Skills" assigned by Coach NAC.
  8. All user submitted videos are TopYa! property and the videos will be displayed in NAC TopYa! TV. TopYa! does not allow to reproduce or communicate any of the video content from this website, without the permission of the copyright owner.
  9. If the initial prize winners are not contactable over the email or mobile number provided during registration and do not claim their prize within 40 days of winner announcement, NAC/Topya reserves the right to select the best next winner. The winner will be notified in writing.
  10. Delivery of the gifts/prizes to the winners may take 30-45 days from the date of Winner declaration on NAC website.
  11. This prize is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  12. The grand prize will be lieu of the 1st prize for the winning category.
  13. The winners’ names will be published on various TopYa! Social Media.
  14. Monthly result will be declared every 10th day of the next month, Grand Finale result will be declared on 10th April every year.
  15. The NAC/Topya reserves the right to alter, amend or foreclose the contest without prior notice.
  16. All disputes are subject to New Delhi jurisdiction.
  17. By entering this competition the participant accepts the full terms, conditions, and rules of this competition and agrees to abide by these rules and any requirements and/or proceedings issued by NAC/Topya in regard to the competition.
  18. Users submitting sexually explicit content will be disqualified. Any material containing sexually explicit act or conduct is punishable under Section 67 of the Information Technology Act.
  • The objective of National Active Championship (NAC) is to further induce fun-physical activities and sports among youth. Students engage in the championship by responding to online challenges and win monthly prizes, selected school receive on-site FunSports Workshop. The online challenges contain ‘FunSports’ videos designed by leading researchers in the field of physical education and fitness so that they acquire a healthy lifestyle and also excel in their future careers. National Active Championship is an annual contest that commences beginning of April.


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