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 I-Glam Block 5 1C Prasad Exotica Circular Road,Behind Swabhumi Inox, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700054 , India   

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Dddevjani Mitra


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The countdown is on! Hurry up! Registrations open! I-GLAM East India

auditions are back! Join hundreds of experts, style icons and

fashionista to shape the future of Glamour industry.

I-Glam is the perfect institution for all those want to make it big in the Modeling, Fashion, Grooming and Beauty Pageants Industry. I-Glam is a Grooming, Modelling and Beauty Pageant Academy established in 2009 and owned by Ddevjani Mitra. We are a Premier Institution that caters to the Personality Development, Grooming, Makeover & Skill-building aspirations of individuals, groups and organizations. We provide step-by-step curriculumbased grooming, training, mentorship and ecosystem to all those who are aspiring to make it “Big” as Skillful & Successful Models, Actors, Flight Attendants, Anchors, Public Speakers, Stage Performers, Hospitality Professionals, Pageant Participants, etc.