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Active Club Mahindra Contest
WIN 2 Night / 3 Days Holiday *

200 NacFun Bonus points for all qualifying participants

Club Mahindra the "Experiential Holiday Partner" of National Active Championship


  1. All qualifying participants will receive 200 NacFun Bonus points.
  2. 4 winners will be selected to receive the Domestic 2 Night / 3 Days Stay Club Mahindra award.
  3. One winner will be selected from each participating class/age category; Little Champ (Nursery - Class 4), Rising Star (Class 5 - 8), Super Seniors (Class 9- 12) and 18+ age group.
  4. Participants must perform any NacFun Activity to accumulate 1000 points and qualify for the awards.
  5. Once the participant earns 1000 points,

    a. participants will receive 200 NacFun bonus points, and

    b. participant’s name will be entered in the lucky draw to select the winner of the Domestic 2 Night / 3 Days Club Mahindra award from the relevant class/age category that they belong to.

  6. Increase chances to win: Participants may continue performing more NacFun activities to earn points beyond the initial 1000 points and increase their chance of winning the award.

    a. for each additional 1000 points earned, participants will get one additional entry in the lucky draw.

    b. a participant can get upto 5 entries depending upon the points they earn performing NacFun activities. See entry chart below;

  7. Points No of entries
    0 - 999 0
    1000 - 1999 1
    2000 - 2999 2
    3000 - 3999 3
    4000 - 4999 4
    5000+ 5


    • with 1246 points, a participant will get one (1) chance in the lucky draw
    • with 3454 points, a participant will get three (3) chances in the lucky draw.


  1. Contest is open for any NacFun registered user that includes students, parents and faculty.

How to participate in this contest

Must be a NacFun OTP Verified User to Participate

1. Participate by clicking on the "Agree Box"
 I Agree To The Terms & Conditions Of NacFun & Club Mahindra *

2. Participants must have a OTP verified NacFun Account.

3. Participants must select their correct email address in their NacFun profile. If you are selected as winner and your email is found to be incorrect, then your prize will be cancelled, and next best winner will be selected as the winner.

4. Participants must select a school or college name in their NacFun profile. Parents are exempted from entering school/college names.

5. After signup, start performing any NacFun activities to reach 1000 points to earn;

i. 200 NacFun Bonus Points

ii. Earn the first entry in your class/age category for the lucky draw of Domestic 2 Night / 3 Days Stay Club Mahindra award

6. Last date to accumulate points & increase your chance to win is 31 August 2021.

* I agree to all Terms & conditions of this "Active Club Mahindra Contest" and grant explicit consent to receive communication from Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited on the details shared.
Winners shall receive Club Mahindra Domestic 2 Nights / 3 Days Voucher from Club Mahindra.

This contest is open for Indian Residents only.

Winners - Little Champs

S.No. Name Username Location
1 Chetna Korgal SachethKorgal Karnataka
2 Shivanya Sharma Shivanya001 Haryana
3 Aanvi Sandhu Aanvisandhu Punjab

Winners - Rising Star

S.No. Name Username Location
1 Bharat Mandloi Bharat26203939 Madhya Pradesh
2 Aryan Bansal aryanbansal123 Punjab
3 Om Bansal OMBANSAL Orissa

Winners - Super Senior

S.No. Name Username Location
1 Jiya joshi Bhooku Dehradun UK
2 Deepa Bisht Deepa Bisht Delhi
3 Tamanna Verma tamannaverma_01 Haryana

Winners - 18+

S.No. Name Username Location
1 Jasmine Virk Jasminevirk Punjab
2 Danish Saifi Danishsaifi Delhi
3 Azhar Javed KingAJ UP