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Every Home is a University and Parents are the Teachers.. - Mahatma Gandhi

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Parent & Child must have NacFun Accounts

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Rapid urbanization, increasing academic load, and proliferation of easily accessible and affordable new tech gadgets have led to increasing physical inactivity among our children. NacFun motivates children to move away from their Gadget-based addiction to Fun & Fitness "Gamification" activities thus helping reduce screen-time consumption.

NacFun, the free e-Learning platform of National Active Championship (NAC), is a year-round program for Nursery to 12 that motivates children to become physically active and acquire a healthy lifestyle for life. NacFun is formatted as a championship where children perform fun physical & extracurricular activities, academics, contests, quizzes, puzzle, riddle, art & craft, sports and life skill activities to climb up the Leaderboard, Win monthly Prizes, Certificates and brand or CSR sponsored Scholarships and Awards.

NacFun lets children broaden knowledge & showcase Creativity, Reading, Writing, Academics, GK, Co-Curricular, Fun Activities, PE & Sports

NacFun’s physically active children are medically fit, academically focused, and emotionally balanced. They more easily imbibe qualities of team spirit, camaraderie, and leadership. NacFun’s thousands of activities includes Co-curricular Contests (Video and Image), Quizzes (Subjective, Multiple Choice & Picture), Learning Worksheets, PE & Sports Challenges, Freestyle Battle-Zone and Life Skills for each class.

Quick Tips to Use NacFun

  • NacFun is free for Students, Parents & Schools WORLDWIDE.
  • Select category to participate: Art, Craft, Comedy, Dance, Music, Poetry, Singing, BattleZone, Quiz, Worksheet, GK, Co-curricular, Contest, Sports, Study and more.
  • You may participate in multiple categories
  • Pick an activity to perform under the category you selected above. Example, if you selected Art, then pick - 'sketch a portrait' or 'paint a landscape'.
  • Follow the instructions and complete your activity.
  • As requested in the instruction, take a picture or record the video of your performance.
  • Upload your response.
  • Virtual Judges will award points.
  • MCQ and Blog Quizzes are performed online.
  • Publish Activities for other Users & Earn Points.
  • Climb leaderboard to win prizes and certificates.

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