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NACFUN, a FREE e-Activity & Learning program of NATIONAL ACTIVE CHAMPIONSHIP

With Nacfun, Parents don’t worry about kids activities near me!

Welcome to NACFUN, the free e-Learning Program of National Active Championship. NacFun has learning and fun activities for kids and adults of all ages. Enjoy performing 1000s of at home fun physical activities that will let you stay active & healthy.

3 Steps to Fun n' Learn

1. Watch & Perform Activities for Kids or Adults

2. Upload Responses, Get Points, Climb Leaderboard

3. Earn Certificates!, Win Prizes!, Scholarships!

Quick Tips to Use NacFun

  • NacFun is free for Students, Parents & Schools WORLDWIDE.    SignUp Now
  • Select category to participate: Act, Art, Comedy, Craft, Dance, Music, Poetry, Singing, Puzzle & Riddle, Life-Skills, GK, Quiz, Worksheet, Pre-School, Study, Co-curricular, Contest, BattleZone, Sports & more.
  • You may participate in multiple categories
  • Pick an activity to perform under the category you selected above. Example, if you selected Art, then pick - 'sketch a portrait' or 'paint a landscape'.
  • Follow the instructions and complete your activity.
  • As requested in the instruction, take a picture or record the video of your performance.
  • Upload your response.
  • Virtual Judges will award points.
  • MCQ and Blog Quizzes are performed online.
  • Publish Activities for other Users & Earn Points.
  • Climb leaderboard to win prizes and certificates.

Enjoy Nacfun in Your Language


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