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DriveX Family Picture With Motorised 2 Wheeler Contest

DriveX Contest Round 2 : Click a picture on a scooter or motorcycle with your family members

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DriveX Family Picture With Motorised 2 Wheeler Contest

ID# 30318
Max Points: 15
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1. This activity is only for the players of LKG , UKG , Class 1 , Class 2 , Class 3 , Class 4 , Class 5 , Class 6 , Class 7 , Class 8 , Class 9 , Class 10 , Class 11 , Class 12 , 18 years & above age
2. Give your best pose with big smile, click a picture on a 2 Wheeler(scooter or motorcycle) with your family members and upload here
3. Your face must be clearly visible in the photo
4. You must play Round 1 DriveX Road Safety Quiz before you play this contest
5. After playing this contest every participant will qualify for round 3 get Rs 4000 Rental Voucher from DriveX
    • Do not use any video or images that is not of your original work.
    • Do not use video or image that you have already used on NacFun platform for your FreeStyle, Challenges, BattleZone, Co-Curricular Activities, Contest, Publication or anywhere else on NacFun.
    • Any violation will result in PENALTY of 500 Points for each incident.
    • Violators current and previous months awards will be CANCELED.
    • Repeated offense will lead to SUSPENSION of Account.
    Instruction Image
    Instruction Image
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