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My NacFun Prize No 1 Nursery To 18 Plus

All the winners from the NacFun Famliy can upload all the photos with the Prizes won in Nacfun and earn Points.

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How To Participate In

My NacFun Prize No 1 Nursery To 18 Plus

ID# 61620
Max Points: 10
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Monthly Limit for My NacFun Prize No 1 Nursery To 18 Plus : 15

Available to Peform: 15

1. This activity is only for the players of LKG , UKG , Class 1 , Class 2 , Class 3 , Class 4 , Class 5 , Class 6 , Class 7 , Class 8 , Class 9 , Class 10 , Class 11 , Class 12 , 18 years & above age
2. Dress up nicely and click a clear photo of yourself holding your NacFun Prize and print out the Nacfun Certificate sent to you by the NacFun Team as shown in the instruction image
3. The Prize, face of the participant and the Certificate has to be clearly visible. Clearer the photo, better the score!
4. Select your prize from the list and upload the correct photo of the prize that you select from the list
5. You can upload Multiple photos if you have won more than one prize in different months
6. You can only upload one photo for one prize
    • Do not use any video or images that is not of your original work.
    • Do not use video or image that you have already used on NacFun platform for your FreeStyle, Challenges, BattleZone, Co-Curricular Activities, Contest, Publication or anywhere else on NacFun.
    • Any violation will result in PENALTY of 500 Points for each incident.
    • Violators current and previous months awards will be CANCELED.
    • Repeated offense will lead to SUSPENSION of Account.
    Instruction Image
    Instruction Image
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