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Nutrition Wellness

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.  ~ Hippocrates


Parents are the primary gatekeepers of their children’s health. They make choices about their children’s healthcare, nutrition, physical activities and overall development. Parents are the best role model for the child as well. Thus, parents adopting a Health & Active Lifestyle has a direct impact on children’s health and wellness.


NAC conducts a 45 to 90 mins interactive session with Parents on the Healthy & Active Lifestyle with focus on Nutrition for both the parent and children. NAC conducts this session in association with Center of Nutritional Excellence, New Delhi. The programming includes:

  • Facts about Nutrition Wellness and Physical activity.
  • Impact on children: Poor nutrition and Potential diseases.
  • Khoob Khelo,Khoob Khao : No shame no harm to indulge in mouth savory snacks by adopting Active Lifestyle to enjoy eating what you love.
  • How to convert children excessive screen time into physical activity by FunSports.
  • Importance of Sleeping Pattern in Child.