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Parents Zone

Join NacFun for free, the fastest growing community of concerned parents to engage, entertain and educated your child

Rapid urbanization, increasing academic load, and proliferation of easily accessible and affordable new tech gadgets have led to increasing physical inactivity among our children. NacFun motivates children to move away from their Gadget-based addiction to Fun & Fitness "Gamification" activities thus helping reduce screen-time consumption.

NacFun, the free e-Learning platform of National Active Championship (NAC), is a year-round program for Nursery to 12 that motivates children to become physically active and acquire a healthy lifestyle for life. NacFun is formatted as a championship where children perform fun physical & extracurricular activities, academics, contests, quizzes, puzzle, riddle, art & craft, sports and life skill activities to climb up the Leaderboard, Win monthly Prizes, Certificates and brand or CSR sponsored Scholarships and Awards.

NacFun helps Parent Home-School Kids

*Parent’s Community Service

  • All NacFun kids perform activity published by parent
  • Teach any child for free with NacFun Academy

NacFun lets children broaden knowledge & showcase Creativity, Reading, Writing, Academics, GK, Co-Curricular, Fun Activities, PE & Sports

NacFun’s physically active children are medically fit, academically focused, and emotionally balanced. They more easily imbibe qualities of team spirit, camaraderie, and leadership. NacFun’s thousands of activities includes Co-curricular Contests (Video and Image), Quizzes (Subjective, Multiple Choice & Picture), Learning Worksheets, PE & Sports Challenges, Freestyle Battle-Zone and Life Skills for each class.


  • Unique Advantage: Perform Anytime, Anywhere
  • Holistic Growth: Mental, Emotional and Physical
  • Cognitive and Motor Skill Development of Children
  • Neurological Optimisation (better memory and reliable skill sets for life)
  • Physiological Development: To understand success and learn from failure
  • Social Skill Development: Team spirit Camaraderie and Leadership Skills
  • Future Advantage: Higher likelihood of adoption of some formal sports
  • Healthier Future: Strong protection from Lifestyle diseases


Having a parent account linked to the child’s account lets the parent closely participate in the child’s development process. Both parents may have their separate accounts and link their child to their own account respectively. Each parent may:

  • custom select activities from NacFun Library and assign them to their child.
  • ‘Create & Publish’ custom fun n' learn activities for their children and for the rest of the NacFun Community children.
  • perform activities assigned by NacFun to parents, earn points and win for themselves.
  • each month transfer up to 500 points from their account to their child’s account to motivate and help the child climb up the leaderboard.
  • full access to their children activities, performances and report card.

NacFun ensures safety for all community members as it verifies each and every account registered with the platform including faculty and parent accounts. Child account can only be linked to the parent account after undergoing a 2 step verification process.

Learn about Parent Account function and features:


Go to:

Click on sign up button

Click on register parent

Fill Out your details and click on create parent account

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

After registration click on the Add child button on the top of your profile

Now enter the username and registered mobile number of your child and click on submit button

Once your child accepts your request, it will show in your profile.

Step 1
Step 2

On the top of the registration page add your child’s NacFun username.

Fill Out your details and click on create parent account.

Once your child accepts your request, it will show in your profile.

To Assign activity from NAC gallery

Click on the NAC gallery button on your parent account profile.

Choose an activity that you want to assign to your child.

Now at the bottom of the activity click on the assign to child button.

Select the child name and enter a message for your child and click on the submit button.

Click on child username on top of your parent account profile

You will see your child’s dashboard, Click on My Gallery button to see your child’s activities.

Click on Dashboard button on your parent account profile

Now click on gift points to child

Select the child name and enter the points you want to gift and click on submit button

Every month you can gift upto 500 points to your child from your points

Step 1
Step 2

NacFun also allows students to become publishers and publish content for other students to participate. Once the content is approved by the NacFun team, it will show on the publishers page and the publisher will get scores for it.

  • The play tab for all the fun tasks
  • The study tab for all the learning tasks
  • The publish tab for publishing the best over the site

Sliding back to the parent controls, the parent also gets the authority to check the child’s scores and rank to encourage him/her to do better. And even provide some extra points to let the children know that they would always have their parents support. With this they get the control to monitor the site in and out and check out all that it has to offer and also assign some of the activities that they think that their child can perform. This can help in building good relationships between children and their parents.

To check leaderboard

Click on the leaderboard button on the top of your profile to see the all time top 100 players and monthly top 100 players.

To Check prizes

Click on the prizes button on the top of your profile to see the prizes of the current month.

To check winners

Click on the winners button on the top of your profile and see all the winners that have won the prizes in the past.