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Stress Buster Session

Complimentary Examination Stress Buster sessions for students to deal with Exam Fear and Stress


With examination time approaching fast, National Active Championship (NAC) focuses to help children attain active mind and body, therefore in association with experts in children psychology, behavior and education we are conducting complimentary NAC Examination Stress Buster sessions for students to deal with Exam Fear and Stress. NAC Stress Buster is an hour interactive session with an objective to acquaint students with fun cool techniques, talks and interactive engagements.

The Interactive Session Includes

  • Techniques to concentrate as well as destress while preparing for exam.
  • Best Practices while preparing for exams like time management and prioritization of subjects.
  • Technique to improve focus while reviewing exam questions and responses thus avoiding any anxiety attack.
  • Tricks to increase concentration span during exams.
  • Importance of Sleeping Pattern, Nutritious & Well-Balanced diet.
  • At-home Physical Activities to boost concentration and calm down stress.
  • Techniques to deal with post exam stress to avoid hindrance in prep of next test.
  • Ways to deal with fear of exam results.
  • Healthy and Active Lifestyle to adopt for year-round better academic performance.

NAC Stress Buster programming includes fun learning activities that are easy to adopt and practice Anytime - Anywhere. Along with motivational talk, fun quotient quizzes students are also engaged in activities to enhance their concentration, strengthen memory and improve focus.

They are encouraged to continue with these activities while at home - studying, sitting or on move.