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Upload & Assessment Policy

  • User's FACE* Must be VISIBLE in Photos & Videos
  • 1. Account Must be Registered & OTP Verified
  • 2. Use ‘Upload Own Work’ or 'NacFun Activity’ to Upload

    (unless mentioned otherwise Read Section 5).

  • a.   How to Use 'Upload Own Work'?
  • ‘Upload Own Work’ - Use this to Upload OWN ORIGINAL WORK (ex- Art, Acting, Craft, Comedy, Dance, Song, Music, Poem, WorkOut, Sports, Yoga, Life Skills etc). 'Upload Own Work' has FameZone & Publish Activity (For Advance Users) to Upload their OWN CREATIVES.

  • (i) 'FameZone'; Upload image or video of original performances (example Art, Acting, Craft, Comedy, Dance, Singing, Music, Poetry, WorkOut, Sports, Yoga, Life Skills etc) or Certificates & Awards (must list user's name) won by user elsewhere. Guidelines to upload in 'FameZone' are;     Click to view details

  • (ii) 'Publish Activity' (For Advance User) Click to read more

  • b.   How to Use 'NacFun Activity'?
  • 'NacFun Activity’ - Use this to Perform Co-Curricular, Sports, Academics activities given with INSTRUCTIONS from NacFun of WHAT TO DO &     ICON TO UPLOAD. Perform EXACTLY as per the given instructions by NacFun. Record or take a picture (as applicable) & UPLOAD.

  • 3. Upload Guidenlines & Assessment of 'NacFun Activity'
  • Response Uploaded for Co-Curricular, Sports & Academics 'NacFun Activity' are Approved (& Awarded Points) OR Rejected by the Teachers/Judges & is based upon how well the instructions were followed in the uploaded Image/Video of the User.
  • Tip: Follow the full instructions completely without missing any minor detail to earn High Points. Steps, Moves, Counts, Duration, Reps, Colour Scheme, Size, Shape & Dimension, Pattern, Material, Raw material, Props, Equipments, Response Method & Material, Sequencing, Introduction, Explanation etc MUST be as per the given instructions. Your response must be 100% identical to the given instructions (Image/Video/Text).
  • Click activities below for more details;
  • NAC-HO Dance:
  • NacFun Poetry Battle:
  • NacFun Singing Idol:
  • Sports Challenge & BattleZone:
  • Freestyle Sports Challenge:
  • Academic Activities:
  • Entries that don't meet the instructions and guidelines provided under ‘NacFun Activity’ will be rejected or approved with zero points. Teachers/Judges in their opinion may Reject Entry if they feel that the user needs another opportunity. Or they may Approve Entry with ZERO points or very low points restricting the user to resubmit entry (unless the activity has provision for multiple entries). Rejeced entries counts towards users monthly upload limits. Therefore, focus on quality of work to avoid rejections or approvals with zero points or low points.

  • 4. Upload Guidelines & Assessment of 'Publish Activity';
  • ASSESSMENT (Points, Approval, Rejection) of user's upload to 'Publish Activity' (image & video) happens as follows;
  • Accepted if;     Click to view details
  • Accepted for Publisher Page Only if;     Click to view details
  • Rejected if;     Click to view details

  • 5. Videography & Photo Instructions;
  • a. User must hold their original work in their hand, take a Pic & then Upload. User's face must be clearly visible in the photos/videos that they upload.
  • Hold your Art work/Craft work just below your chin. Avoid showing any lower body part below the Art work/Craft work, this way the image of your Art work/Craft work will come bigger & better.
  • b. Same vidoes (or it's screen shots) or photos cannot be used more than once on NacFun Platform. Cross posting of photos or videos between ‘NacFun Activity’ and ‘Upload Own Work’ is not allowed.
  • c. In ‘NacFun Activity’ for the tasks that requires to be performed from memory, the user’s videography must prove beyond doubt that the task is being recited from the memory. Onus is upon the user to clearly demonstrate in the video that they are reciting the task from the memory and not taking aid of another person, device or book. Repeated failure to comply will lead to penalties and suspension of account.
  • Tip: Below techniques helps NacFun users to demonstrate to Teacher/Judges that they are reciting from their memory.
  • (i) If reciting a speech or poem, stand at a greater distance from the camera and move your head left to right, look down and up as if you are addressing an audience.
  • (ii) If reciting a maths table or answering questions in the activity, stand at a greater distance from the camera and introduce yourself on camera. Then turn sideways facing a blank wall. The wall should not be more than 1 metre away so the camera captures users sideface, body and the wall in one frame. Now start reciting the task from the memory. Only turn towards the camera once finished with recitation.
  • (iii) For tables and similar responses to be recited from memory, stand at a greater distance from the camera and introduce yourself. Next lower your head and look towards the ground & start recitation. During recitation the camera frame must include users head, body and the ground that they are staring while reciting. Only move up your head once you have finished your recitation.
  • (iv) Earn bonus points by performing in more unique ways that if accepted & can be added in the tips for the other users.
  • d. The videography of the activity should be done from an adequate distance to demonstrate that you are performing the activity or creating an instruction for 'Publish Activity' solely on your own & not getting any aid from other person, paper, book or device.
  • e. Video must have Adequate Lighting & Minimal Background Noise.
  • f. User's voice must be Clear & Audible at all times.
  • g. User's Face and Body(as required) must be clearly visible in the video/image.
  • h. Unless mentioned in the activity, videos can not be edited or filtered.
  • i. Additionally, follow all other instructions as given in the video/image activity.
  • j. Not following & violation of any of the points mentioned above may lead to any of the following; receiving ZERO Points, rejection of entries, issuance of Penalty Points, Temporary or Permanent suspension of account, cancellation of Prizes.

  • 6. Comment/Feedback/Suggestion by the Teachers/Judges;
  • Teachers/Judges remarks on the entries submitted by the users must be followed before re-submitting rejected entries or uploading new entries of similar types. Not following the Teachers/Judges remarks will be considered as violation of NacFun Policies, as users cannot waste Teachers/Judges time by repeating same mistakes for which they have been advised earlier. Violations will result in Penalty Points, Temporary or Permanent Suspension of account & Cancellation of Prizes & Awards.
  • 7. Parent Instructions;
  • a. As a rule of thumb, any behaiour or act that a parent will not be allowed to do with their children or thier teachers while the children are learning in classroom or appearing for a test, exam, competition in a school or onsite competition setting, is also prohibited while participating in NacFun Online Contests, Activities and Learning Program.
  • b. Child's entries submitted must demonstrates that the child has performed 100% of the work themselves. Parents are encouraged to help children learn & prep for the activity BUT parents must not intervene & help children while children are performing the activities.
  • c. Parent's behaviour & communication with NacFun teachers, auditors & staff must be same as how they would conduct themselves with child's school teachers & staff.
  • d. NacFun welcomes parents suggestion to improve the program by participating in NacFun parents volunteer team or emailing suggestions at [email protected]
  • e. Parents may highlight any inconsistency that they may find in their child's assessment work by emailing at [email protected]. Be very clear to explain the policy that was not followed while assessing the child's work. Unnecessary & Unreasonable communication shall be overlooked & may lead to penalty points or suspension of child account.
  • f. Parents may also highlight the inconsistency in other child's work by flagging. Be very clear to explain the policy that was not followed while assessing the child's work which is flagged. Unnecessary & Unreasonable flagging shall be overlooked & may lead to penalty points or suspension of parent and child's account.
  • g. Parents, if you are making your children participate in the NacFun programming then you are hereby agreeing to adhere to all the guidelines listed above, upload policies and NacFun policies. If you fail to comply then your child’s account may be issued penalties, temporarily or permanently suspended.

  • 8. Audit;
  • a. All points (marks) given by initial teachers/judges are subject to review & audit by senior tearchers and auditors. As a result user may see the point change on certain entires. User should read the teacher's feedback on entries to understand better the points assigned to them. Review and audit of initial points (marks) ensures uniform marking for all participants. Audits & re-marking may take place even after winners are announced. Audits are also triggered from other users flagging the user's entry. Review full NacFun violation policies.
  • b. As per the NacFun violation policies, NacFun may ask for ONLINE LIVE TEST or UNEDITED RECORDED VIDEO of USER's PERFROMANCE as a test to ensure that the work submitted is 100% perfromed by the User and it is in line with user’s age/class/grade. Failure to take the test or failing in the test may draw serious penalties, cancellation of prizes, temporary or permanent suspension of user account.

  • 9. In order to maintain Fairness, Transparency & overall User Experience, NacFun continues to improve Upload & Assessment Policy. Users must review the policies often to stay updated with the changes.
  •      Tip: Check the Announcement & 'FAQ' in My Zone frequently.

  • 10. All uploads must be in adherence with NacFun Policies & specifically MUST BE CHILD SAFE CONTENT. Any violation will lead to immediate suspension of account & cancellation of prizes.

  • 11. Pilot Program for 'Face Display' Exemption (Due to 'FAITH'); The Pilot Program to let those participate WITHOUT showing full face (due to faith only) while displaying the pic of their art or craft work will work as follows;
  • Have someone in your household (male or female) with their FACE FULLY VISIBLE to hold your art/craft work in their hand on your behalf.
  • You stand next/behind them to them with you face partially visible (at least the eye area).
  • Then take the pic that you will upload in your account.
  • Important, the person who stands on your behalf showing the face cannot change in future. As the facial recognition software has to digitally link the photo and account to that face ONLY for all future upload.
  • Therefore, we recommend that participant request their parent, spouse, siblings, children or someone very close in the family to do it on their behalf.
  • If you choose to use this self serviced Pilot Program then you are hereby agreeing to the following conditions;
  • This is a temporary Pilot Program and can be removed or ammended at any time with or without prior notice.
  • While participating in the Pilot Program, I will ensure that the same person will assist me with their face through out my participation in NacFun.
  • Non-Compliance will be considered as violation of NacFun policies and I will be subjected to Penalty and Suspension as outlined in violation policies.

  • 12. Listed below are NacFun's ACTIVITIES, points to be earned & MONTHLY LIMITS as applicable;

  • Activities Points Earned Monthly
    Upload Own Work (FameZone) 5 100
    Image Activities (Co-Curricular, Academics, P.E.) 10 - 100 1202a
    Video Activities (Co-Curricular, Academics, P.E.) 10 - 250 2402b
    Sports Challenges - Instruction Led 20 4
    Sports Challenges - Freestyle 40 30
        -Battle Ninja 10 No Limit
        -Battle Challenger 10 703
        -Battle Winner 50 No Limit
        -MCQ Quiz 10 5004
        -Blog Quiz 10 - 25 No Limit
        -Subjective Quiz 10 - 25 No Limit
        -Image Quiz 5 - 10 755
    Worksheets 5 - 10 1756
    Partner Contest (Updated continuously)
        -I Glam 100 -
        -Video Activity 40 507
        -Image Activity 20 507
        -Image Quiz 5 507
        -Blog Quiz By Invite only No Limit
        -My Activity Performed by Others 4 No Limit
    Refer a Friend 100 No Limit1
    Love Points 1 Love = 1 Point 500 Points
    Insta Battle Bonus As Published8 NA

    1. Maximum of 1500 Referral Points will be added to the Monthly 'Points For Prize' in calculation of Monthly Winners for All-Rounder Prizes.

    2a. Users can upload up to 120 Image Activity (Co-Curricular, Academics, Sports) every month (as available).

    2b. Users can upload up to 240 Video Activity (Co-Curricular, Academics, Sports) every month (as available).

    3. Users can submit up to 70 Battle Zone videos as challenger in a month.

    4. Users of Class/Grade 1 to 4, can play up to 100 MCQ Quiz, and users of Class/Grade 5 onwards can play up to 500 MCQ Quiz in a month (as available). Only 1000 MCQ points will be added to the Monthly "Points For Prize" for calculating Winners of NacFun Monthly All-Rounder Prizes. Keith Keller Quiz Master Certificates is awarded based upon all the MCQ points earned in the month.

    5. Users of Class/Grade LKG to 5, can submit up to 75 Image Quiz, and users of Class/Grade 6 onwards can submit up to 25 Image Quiz in a month (as available).

    6. Users of Class/Grade LKG to 4, can submit up to 175 Worksheets, Users of Class/Grade 5 to 8 can submit up to 100 Worksheets, and users of Class/Grade 9 onwards can submit up to 25 Worksheets in a month (as available).

    7. Publish Activity Limit are as follows; (i) Video: 50 (ii) Image: 50 (includes both Image Activity & Image Quiz)

    8. Winner of the Battle Reel/Post/Story posted on Instagram by @nacfunworld will get Bonus Points. The points have 50% weightage from NacFun's Judges decision and 50% weightage of Audience Poll.

    Note: The cumulative Maximum Upload Limit of all types of Activity is "25" on the Last Day of the Month. Upload your work accordingly and do not wait for the last date. Currently, there is no Upload Limit on any other Day of the Month.