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Welcome to NACFUN, the free e-Learning Program of National Active Championship. NacFun has learning & fun activities for kids & adults of all ages. Enjoy performing 1000s of at home fun physical activities that will let you stay active & healthy.

To start playing,

Pick an activity from above
Select an activity from one of the four categories; (i) Co-Curricular Activities, (ii) Quizzes, (iii) Worksheets and, (iv) Sports & Games.

Perform - Record or Snap a Pic
Read the instructions carefully about performing the selected activity. Perform the activity and do as follows;

  • For video based activity, video record your performance
  • For activity to be done on a paper or craft work, take picture of your completed work along with yourself in the photo
  • If performed on the phone as a doodle, take a screenshot of your completed work
  • If you select a multiple choice quiz or blog quiz, you will perform and get points online

Submit Response
Upon completing the activity, upload your response video or photo.

Earn Points
NacFun virtual teachers and coaches will review your work and assign you points along with feedback.

Leaderboard & Prizes
As you earn points and complete mandatory activities, you will climb the live leaderboard that will qualify you to win monthly prizes, certificates and scholarships.

Winner Announcement
Each month winners are declared based upon the activities performed by players in that month. Winners are declared around the 10th of next month. You may view the list of winners in the Winners Gallery.

Sponsored Contests
Time to time, our partners publish branded contests and sponsored quizzes. Such contests will have dedicated prizes and scholarships from the sponsors.

NAC Certificates are awarded to all the participants as well as winners each month. You may download your certificate anytime using ‘Print Certificate’ button on the dashboard.

Fame Zone lets you create, store and share the catalogue of your life time achievements with the NacFun community. You may upload your own certificates, photos of trophies and medals won at your school or at any competition or events anywhere in the world. The fun continues as for each approved entry you shall receive 2 NacFun points.

Battle Zone is a virtual ‘1 vs Many’ Challenge zone where you can challenge other player’s freestyle videos to out form them.
Battle Zone participants and winners earn additional NacFun points.

NAC Gallery is where you can watch the performances of fellow NacFun players along with yours. Loving a player's entry will add that player to your friends watch list. The friends watch list is always ANONYMOUS for protection of NacFun Community. The players can only see the count of love but do not know who has loved their entry.

Dashboard shows the most updated information of all your performances. On the dashboard you can view & print report cards & certificates, breakdown of all the points earned, and important announcements.

Publish lets you create activities for kids or adults of the NacFun community to play. Earn points each time you publish. Earn additional points when a player plays the activity published by you.

Link parent- child account
Parents may Link their child’s account to their own account and share the joy of their child's achievement. With thousands of children activities you will never run out of things to do with kids. To make your children stay engaged with fun physical activities, you no longer need to wonder about kids activities near me. NacFun activities are performed right in the comfort of your own home.

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