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NacFun leaderboard of screen time reduction by students

Hours of Screen Time Reduction   (Oct 23)
Hours Reduced
Hours of Screen Time Reduction  
Hours Reduced

All users can go to their dashboard to check their screen time reduction and may also download their Screen Time Reduction Certificate.

How NacFun reduces screen time?

For every activity the user performs on NacFun, they take some amount of time away from screen in practicing and doing the activity away from the screen, resulting in reducing the screen time of the user.

How is screen time reduction calculated on NacFun?

For uploading an activity on NacFun, users are asked to provide their practice time in performing that activity, which goes to NacFun systems and is being displayed to users in a compreshensive way

How do I check my screen time reduction on NacFun?

All users can go to their dashboard to check their screen time reduction.

How do I check screen time reduction of other NacFun Members?

All users can check Screen Time Reduction Leaderboard to check for other users and it is also available in user's public profile as well.

How NacFun Works?

NacFun is an online after-school and college activities and academics program for students' learning. Each user is auto registered for the NacFun-hosted monthly online contest, National Active Championship, which runs from the first to the last day of the month. Users can get global rank, win certificates, and prizes.

What Users have to do?

User can do their own activity and upload using ‘Upload Own Work’ option. OR,

Perform Co-Curricular (Art, Acting, Craft, Comedy, Dance, Music, Sing, Poem, LifeSkills etc), Sports, Fitness, Seasonal Contest & Academics activities given as ‘NacFun Activity’ in user’s MyZone and Upload responses.

What happens after uploading the response?

Teachers/Judges review the response entries and give points (marks). Points let users climb up the Monthly leaderboard to win Prizes and Certificates. Prizes (brands sponsored) vary based on the country you live.

Monthly Winners announced on 10th of next month. (ex, Jan Winners are announced on Feb 10th)

What are the Quizzes & Worksheets?

NacFun has MCQ Quiz, Image Quiz, Subjective Quiz, Blog Quiz & Worksheets based on General Knowledge and Academic Subjects.


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