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Singing Contest

Online singing competition for kids and adults

Select Class (Grade) or 18+ for Adults

Monthly 1st, 2nd, 3rd rank holder in Singing WINS 1000, 750, 500 Bonus Points respectively
Bonus points will be added to Monthly total for winning monthly prizes & certificates

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View Photos and Videos of Winners of NacFun Online Competitions with Prizes & Certificates

Online Singing Competition with Prizes and Certificates

Participate in NacFun Online Singing Contest. Earn certificates and prizes by perfroming Singing activities and competitions. NacFun's free to participate National Active Championship has thousands of singing activities for kids, youth, students and adults.

Fun easy video singing activities for kids students adults

NacFun has several different types of fun and easy singing activities and contests for kids students adults to win prizes certificates paytm cash. Types of singing activities includes Freestyle solo singing, Christmas day song, Bollywood song, Hindi rap singing, Classical song, Sargam singing, Sufi song, Folk song, Bhajan song and more

Best Singing competitions and activities for kids students and adults to showcase their talent.

NacFun offers thousands of Singing activities and contest to perform at home and get discovered by globsl audience. Watch instructions for each given singing activity, practice, perform your singing and record, and upload for NacFun teachers and judges to award points. Points earned will help you climb up the leaderboard to win prizes, certificates, scholarships and paytm cash as applicable in Singing competition.

Sign Up for Free now and start participating in NacFun singing activities. Each month certificates and prizes are awarded to participants and winners based upon four different age groups.

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Kids love NacFun online contest for kids as it has lots of games to play, photography contest, writing competition, drawing competition, and art contest. Students love NacFun's craft competition, comedy competition, music competition, poetry competition, singing competition, life skill competition, quiz competition, gk competition, sports competition and science competition. Participate for free in NacFun online contest

NacFun online competition 2021 lets kids, students, youth and adults earn certificates, awards and scholarships. Monthly winners of online contest will receive certificates, prizes and scholarships as applicable. In NacFun online contest, win prizes or exchange with Paytm cash prize. Enjoy NacFun Online Competitions for students with prizes 2021.

Singing Contest
Singing contest for kids
Singing competition for kids