GirlPower Workshop


Girl Power Workshop is to promote empowerment, independence and self- confidence; ways to navigate through 'Growing Up' issues and to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle as an effective preventive care for life.

Personality and Behavioural Development

In today’s fast pacing time, it is very important for girls of all ages to rise above their insecurities and overcome self-doubt. This segment focusses on the importance of self-confidence and independence, standing up against bullying and harassment and how all of this helps young girls frame a better future for themselves.

Performance by Female Athletes

A freestyle performance by a female athlete and student engagement with ‘FunSports’ activities and quizzes.

Awareness on Female Health

There are so many health and mental problems that girls in particular are prone to. We highlight the most common of these issues and give them some basic ways to deal with them.

    A few of the issues we cover are :
  • Anemia
  • PCOD
  • Breast Cancer
  • Mental health - Depression & Anxiety

Puberty Management

Growing up, a girl faces different hormonal changes and many don’t know how to deal with them. Here we throw light on these issues, telling them the best ways to tackle these problems and the basic hygiene practices to follow.

The Ultimate Prevention

    Physical activity
  • Physical activity provides fundamental health benefits for adolescents, including improved cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, bone health, maintenance of healthy body weight, and psychosocial benefits.


  • The objective of National Active Championship (NAC) is to further induce fun-physical activities and sports among youth. Students engage in the championship by responding to online challenges and win monthly prizes, selected school receive on-site FunSports Workshop. The online challenges contain ‘FunSports’ videos designed by leading researchers in the field of physical education and fitness so that they acquire a healthy lifestyle and also excel in their future careers. National Active Championship is an annual contest that commences beginning of April.


The Active Fun Academy (AFA) is an Anytime-Anywhere Co-Scholastic Programme designed specifically to enhance at-home physical activity of urban Indian children. The digital video content is developed specifically for students from pre-nursery to Class XII. AFA’s goal is to inspire and motivate children to become physically active through attractive & engaging ‘FunSports’ designed by leading researchers. AFA’s basic 'FunSports' program is offered to the children at no additional cost. Learn More

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