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Khoob Khelo Khoob Khao (K4)


NAC’s K4 Workshop is an interactive session creating awareness around balanced eating for students conducted during PT/Sports /Game/Zero Period in school. There is no shame no harm to indulge in mouth savory snacks if balanced with remaining daily diet and physical activities.


The objective of this workshop is to spread the awareness about Food Calorie Intake and balancing it with adopting Physical Active LifeStyle. The Program includes:

  • Information on Calorie count, BMI, reading ‘Food Product Nutritional Information’
  • Advice on balancing calorie intake with physical activities.
  • Engagement with Student/Faculty demonstrating on-site eating/snacking and thereafter balancing with on-site ‘FunSports’ activities burning the consumed calories.

Digital Contest

For continued excitement of the 'Khoob Khelo Khoob Khao', post workshop students continue to participate in our digital contest and win prizes.