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BattleZone- virtual head to head freestyle physical challenges

BattleZone Points System

Ninja: Listing 10 Points + 10 points for each challenger

Challenger: 10 Points + Winner challenger: 50 points

To participate in Battle Zone, Go to My Zone > Click on Sports > Click on Battle Zone tab

About Battle Zone

NAC Play BattleZone for virtual head to head freestyle physical challenges. Outperform challengers to earn points & win prizes & certificate in the battle zone.
Every week, NAC selects "Battle Ninja". If your freestyle video is selected for Battle zone you become the Battle Ninja and score 10 points. Now any player (National/ International) can challenge the Battle Ninja and submit their response to your freestyle video. NAC team declares one Challenger as the Winner out of all other Challengers.
If you become the Battle Ninja, you score 10 points. For every player that take up your challenge - Battle Ninja receives 10 points for each player. Example, you will receive 50 points if 4 players take your challenge (10 points for getting selected in Battle Ninja + 10x4 points for 4 players). Every challenger will also earn 10 points if their challenge response is approved by NAC. The Winner out of all challengers will receive additional 50 bonus points (total 60 points).
NAC has a fleet of virtual coaches to monitor and approve the videos, based upon the skill and creativity of the student in their freestyle videos. So keep sending your freestyle Videos & best of luck so you become a Battle Ninja. If you don't become a Battle Ninja, you can still earn a lot of score by challenging more Battle Ninjas every day. Remember, Battle Ninja never Wins the Battle Zone but one out of all Challengers is declared as the Winner
Anyone from your NAC category can challenge your video and submit their entries.