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DriveX Contest

INR 10,000 Cash Scholarship for Winner

INR 2,000 | INR 4,000 | INR 8,000 DriveX Voucher for Participant*

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DriveX Quiz

20 NAC Points

INR 2,000 DriveX Voucher for all Participants*

DriveX Photo Contest

30 NAC Points

INR 4,000 DriveX Voucher for all Participants*

DriveX Art Contest

50 NAC Points

INR 8,000 DriveX Voucher for all Participants*

  • To qualify for INR 10,000 Cash Scholarship you must complete all three (3) rounds of the DriveX contest.
  • Round 1 is a Multiple Choice Question(MCQ) Quiz. Upon completing round 1 every participant will qualify to participate in round 2 as well as get Rs 2000 Rental Voucher from DriveX.
  • Round 2 is a Photo Contest. After completing round 2 every participant will qualify for round 3 as well as get Rs 4000 Rental Voucher from DriveX.
  • Round 3 is an Art Contest. After completing round 3 every participant will get Rs 8000 Rental Voucher from DriveX and qualify for the Grand Prize of INR 10,000 Cash Scholarship from DriveX.
  • Top scorer after calculating the scores of all 3 rounds will be selected as the winner and winner shall receive INR 10,000 cash scholarship from DriveX. If there are more than one players tied on top score, then the winner will be declared by a Lucky Draw.
  • The voucher will reflect in the NacFun awards section of the participants player profile and can be redeemed only at DriveX as per DriveX’s terms and conditions.
  • Players can combine all three vouchers to redeem at DriveX or use any single voucher as per DriveX terms and conditions.
  • NAC Bonus points shall be awarded immediately upon playing and judging by NacFun as per participants' points in Round 1, Round 2 & Round 3.
  • For participants to be eligible for winning the Cash Scholarship prize they MUST participate in ALL 3 Rounds- Round 1 (DriveX Quiz), Round 2 (DriveX Photo Contest) & Round 3 (DriveX Art Contest).
  • It is mandatory for participants to complete the ‘About Me’ in their player profile section in order to redeem their coupons or awards.
  • Before the winners are announced, finalist players will have to provide a proof of their age by submitting a copy of their latest school report card or School ID cards or govt issued ID as applicable.
  • Winner will be announced at the end of the contest.
  • DriveX Contest is open for players from anywhere but DriveX Prizes are restricted to Residents of Tamil Nadu, India Only.
  • All non-Tamil Nadu residents will only receive NAC Bonus Points for participation that will be added to their NacFun account to qualify and win NAC monthly prizes.
  • Additional DriveX terms;
    • Users can redeem the vouchers by subscribing to DriveX services operational in Chennai and Coimbatore only.
    • DriveX vouchers are transferrable to friends & family of the voucher winners. (Winner to notify the same to DriveX at [email protected])
    • Users can redeem the vouchers against payment to DriveX services up to a maximum of Rs.500/- per month.
    • Vouchers of multiple winners cannot be clubbed together for one subscription.
    • DriveX vouchers cannot be clubbed with any existing/ other vouchers/ bonusses/ schemes of DriveX. DriveX reserves the rights to alter/ change/ update the applicability of any discounts when clubbed with DriveX vouchers.
    • DriveX vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash.